Tegomass wants you to share your cat pride with them for their new album

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Johnny’s Entertainment has decided to release a “Neko Jiman Contest” (Cat Pride Contest) dedicated to all cat lovers out there to commemorate the release of Tegomass new single “Neko Chudoku” on May 22nd.

We’ll receive pictures about ‘cat pride’ from each person’s point of view on our home page and after the two members of Tegomass pick their favorite photos, those will be displayed in the homepage and later on, a smaller number of them will be used as part of the album work of Tegomass’ upcoming album.

Neko Jiman

Application period: From Tuesday May 7th to Sunday June 30th at midnight.

Qualifications: Anyone can participate but you are only allowed to do it once, which means just one picture per person.

Requirements: You need to specify information about your cat, such as “Name/Gender (male or female)/Age”. For example: Nyantai, Male, 0.

title01About the photo:

  • You can’t send pictures from strangers, be careful. You can send pictures from people you privately know (friends, relatives, acquaintances)!
  • Publication in the website is allowed
  • By sending the picture, you give us license to use it as part of the album work. We reserve the right to refuse picture by our own criteria.
  • Images can’t be larger than 3MB. Files in the formats; JPEG/BMP/PNG/GIF are allowed. Please check these details before sending.
  • If there are people included in the photographs, we are allowed to trim them down as part of the processing period as and edit in a way that only portraits cats!

title03About sending:

  • You can apply by using PC/Tablet/Smartphone (iPhone/Android). Be careful to do it through PHS if your phone is i-mode/EZweb/Yahoo Phone.
  • One application per person. Do not try a lot of times.
  • Mail for this campaign is set under the “je-cp.com”. If you have any problem with the transmit, check your e-mail firewall or blocking setting, there’s a possibility that your mail won’t reach us. If you don’t get an answer please check your spam folder.
  • The application photo must meet the requirements stated earlier otherwise it will be invalid and we will have to erase the data too. Be careful!

title02How to apply

  1. For starters, send a blank e-mail to: neko@je-cp.com
  2. An email will be sent to you. You have to access the uploading site through the URL in the content of the mail. (If it hasn’t arrived please check your spam folder)
  3. Fill out the information about your cat: name/gender/age and load the photo. The please click the upload button to send all your information.

☆ N/T: Apparently there’s some people complaining about using a hotmail.com e-mail. Probably because the support goes now to outlook.com and live.com so please use another email address if you have any problems.

Source & Images | Johnny’s Entertainment

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  1. Teresa

    June 2, 2013

    How long does it take for them to email me back? I sent an email to the address this morning.

    • thariamon

      June 2, 2013

      Have you checked your spam folder? Also, make sure it was a blank e-mail (no subject no content)… should take less than 2 hours :(

      • Teresa

        June 2, 2013

        Thank you for answering! Yes, I did send a blank and checked my spam folders (I tried from 2 of my email accounts). *cries*

        • thariamon

          June 2, 2013

          If you’re using hotmail.com or live.com maybe try with gmail.com or yahoo.com? I’m sorry it’s not working for you :(

  2. Amalia

    June 2, 2013

    are we suppose to send thru email or in their website?? =))

      • Amalia

        June 2, 2013

        but what about my cat’s pic? sry im still nt sure hw ^^

        • thariamon

          June 2, 2013

          You send the blank e-mail, then they will send you another e-mail with a link. When you click the link, there you can upload your cat’s picture and the details :)

          • Amalia

            June 2, 2013

            alright thx a lot!!!! ^^

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